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During pose estimation, the matching error is computed using the stereo camera images and projection parameters. Table 3. Comparison of computation times required for both 100 point optimal and two-term exponential trajectories for specified parameters for 243 simulated approaches. Therefore, the dynamics of the approach provide an additional means of selecting the number of terms with which to match the optimal trajectory: the optimal trajectory’s two regimes can be approximated by two decaying exponential terms. In addition, relative positioning and synchronization of the two spacecraft can only be done within the accuracy of the GNC (uncertainty box).

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  3. Latching methods consist of four archetypes; hook, clamp, carabiner, and rotational lock
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Kinetic Energy Enhancement - Superpower Wiki - Fandom It is, therefore, necessary to assess how well the parameterization can reduce ΔV, while remaining low order for other tumble scenarios. While the above analysis assessed the ΔV required by the best n-term exponentials for a flat spin case, it is also important to assess the fuel required by these trajectories for multiple types of tumbles. 9 as the one-norm of the distance between three fit functions and the optimal trajectory for a flat spin from 10 to 1 m in 2 min while rotating at 5 deg/s. Figure 6. Radial distance for flat spin from 10 to 1 m at 5 deg/s: comparing fits with six parameters each. Because this GlobalSearch process optimizes the parameters for a fit expression, the computational complexity is lower than that of an optimization of the full trajectory. This paper has addressed the need for the rapid generation of fuel minimizing approach trajectories to Targets that may be tumbling.