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Touch seems to recalibrate the visual perception so that it is better able to infer depth from the retinal projection.50 The sensory information exploited by the haptic system for the recognition of real objects is made by kinaesthetic and cutaneous inputs. 4).33 They are also extensively used in maxillofacial surgery34, 35 and cranio-maxillofacial surgery.36, 37 Absorbable materials have been used to realise bone fixation implants.38 The more recent introduction of biocompatible materials for RP allowed the production of grafts for bone reconstruction or the building of bio-scaffold, for tissue engineering. Another interesting application of 3DP is the realisation of PS orthoses; created using a reverse engineering approach based on 3D scanners, PS orthoses are able to capture the area of interest.

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Tissue engineering aims to aid in the repair and/or regeneration of bone defects by using a scaffold as a platform for carrying cells or therapeutic agents to the site of interest. In terms of the physical interface, recommended features are: the use of differential-driven signaling (e.g., LVDS) for high data rate, synchronous, and clocked (or self-clocking) operation to prevent timing variations, the use of shielded differential twisted pair data lines for noise rejection, the use of redundant pairs (at least two) in a given data link in case of a bad contact, full-duplex operation, connectors that ensure correct polarity and positive contact locking against vibration, connectors made of materials that will not corrode or accumulate nonconductive layers in planetary or vacuum environments, voltage high enough to overcome radiation and static buildup effects but not high enough to be hazardous, external contacts and wiring electrically isolated at the transceiver by means of optical or pulse transformer coupling to ensure protection against static discharge.

The kinematics structure of the spacecraft-manipulator system is described both in terms of direction-cosine matrices and unit quaternions. Figure 11, Top shows the arm end-effector position and orientation error with respect to the LAR, both in components and in norm, respectively. Figure 7, Bottom shows the flexible links, connecting the joints, that were modeled as Timoshenko beams. At present, many companies that produce metal prototypes also provide PS implants (for example, LayerWise (Leuven, Belgium).30 Specialist orthopaedic companies are now also present in the market (such as Lima Corporate (Assago, Italy).31 The prosthesis can be created using CAD software with the ability to design the product based directly on the virtual PS geometry retrieved from medical images (Fig. While kinaesthetic inputs refer to the perception of the spatial configuration of the hand and fingers, the cutaneous inputs deal with the perception of the contact conditions between the human hand and the real object.51 Vision and touch generate functionally overlapping, but not necessarily equivalent, representations of 3D shape.

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Radiographs are used routinely for orthopaedic surgical planning, yet they provide inadequate information on the precise 3D extent of bone defects.18-19 Examples of the application of 3DP within the orthopedic field have spread rapidly in the last few years and include the use of a 3DP model to assess the surgical approach for corrective osteotomies, in order to gain a more informative overview of the anatomy and to improve the detail of planning, especially in cases of minimally-invasive surgery. Another important field of application is the 3DP of PS prostheses thanks to the introduction of metal 3D printers based on powder bed fusion or direct energy deposition technology (Table 1). The possibility of building customised objects in stainless steel, titanium, ceramics or high-performance plastics like poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) paved the way for the creation of customised prostheses. Moreover, the advent of selective laser sintering (SLS), an AM technology able to process metal and ceramic powder, allowed the production of personalised prostheses, to be tailored to the specific geometry of each clinical case.

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When controlling the motion of the spacecraft-manipulator system, the dynamic coupling of the base spacecraft and the manipulator becomes a concern. The equations of motion in Equation (39) govern the dynamics of a floating spacecraft-manipulator system in terms of coupled base-spacecraft motion (first six scalar equations) and manipulator motion (last N scalar equations). Вече стана ясно, че основният компонент от формулата на Shark Motion е екстрактът от хрущял на акула. При лечението на ставите, използващо Hondrogel, се използват както биомеханични, така и биохимични свойства на хиалуроновата киселина.

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