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Fast accurate stereoradiographic 3D-reconstruction of the spine using a combined geometric and statistic model. Three-dimensional stereoradiographic modeling of rib cage before and after spinal growing rod procedures in early-onset scoliosis. 21. Illés T, Tunyogi-Csapó M, Somoskeöy S. Breakthrough in three-dimensional scoliosis diagnosis: significance of horizontal plane view and vertebra vectors. 17. Somoskeöy S, Tunyogi-Csapó M, Bogyó C, Illés T. Accuracy and reliability of coronal and sagittal spinal curvature data based on patient-specific three-dimensional models created by the EOS 2D/3D imaging system. EOS imaging of the human pelvis: reliability, validity, and controlled comparison with radiography.

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детей Научитесь заклинания слова п 28. Hirsch C, Ilharreborde B, Mazda K (2015) EOS suspension test for the assessment of spinal flexibility in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. 24. Ilharreborde B, Dubousset J, Skalli W, Mazda K. Spinal penetration index assessment in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis using EOS low-dose biplanar stereoradiography. Comparison of 3-dimensional spinal reconstruction accuracy: biplanar radiographs with EOS versus computed tomography. 18. Al-Aubaidi Z, Lebel D, Oudjhane K, Zeller R. Three-dimensional imaging of the spine using the EOS system: is it reliable? A comparative study using computed tomography imaging.

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Occupational and patient exposure as well as image quality for full spine examinations with the EOS imaging system. EOS low-dose radiography: a reliable and accurate upright assessment of lower-limb lengths. Reproducibility of measuring the shape and three-dimensional position of cervical vertebrae in upright position using the EOS stereoradiography system. An evaluation of the EOS X-ray imaging system in pelvimetry. Assessment of the axial rotation of the pelvis with the EOS(®) imaging system: intra- and inter-observer reproducibility and accuracy study. болки в кръста след цикъл . Measuring femoral and rotational alignment: eOS system versus computed tomography. Three-dimensional biplanar radiography as a new means of accessing femoral version: a comparitive study of EOS three-dimensional radiography versus computed tomography. The radial distribution is computed from the trajectory parameters: the equation defining the sum of exponentials trajectory is used with the corresponding number of parameters.

31. Huec JC, Demezon H, Aunoble S. Sagittal parameters of global cervical balance using EOS imaging: normative values from a prospective cohort of asymptomatic volunteers. 7. Ilharreborde B, Ferrero E, Alison M, Mazda K. EOS microdose protocol for the radiological follow-up of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Three-dimensional vertebral wedging in mild and moderate adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. 23. Somoskeöy S, Tunyogi-Csapó M, Bogyó C, Illés T. Clinical validation of coronal and sagittal spinal curve measurements based on three-dimensional vertebra vector parameters. болки в кръста загряване . Validation and reproducibility of a biplanar imaging system versus conventional radiography of foot and ankle radiographic parameters. Diagnostic imaging of spinal deformities: reducing patients radiation dose with a new slot-scanning X-ray imager. Comparison of image quality using a X-ray stereotactical whole-body system and a direct flat-panel X-ray device in examinations of the pelvis and knee. Then, the comparison of Eq.

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22. Illés T, Somoskeöy S. Comparison of scoliosis measurements based on three-dimensional vertebra vectors and conventional two-dimensional measurements: advantages in evaluation of prognosis and surgical results. Angle measurement reproducibility using EOS three-dimensional reconstructions in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis treated by posterior instrumentation. No functional data were reported, but all surgically treated fractures in types II and III united, and the authors recommend avoiding the superior screw in the metaglene because of concerns it could act as a stress riser.64 Otto et al also found that 14 of 16 scapular spine fractures arose from a screw location, but only found osteoporosis to be a risk factor. It is shown that the NZAM has an effect similar to that of gravity on terrestrial fixed base manipulators.

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